We're Waiting

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Dear Baby, 
We're waiting for you.
Waiting for you to snuggle in Mommy's belly so that you can begin to grow and prepare to meet us.
Waiting for the day we learn you're finally heading our way.
We're waiting to hear good news about Mommy's HCG levels doubling.
Waiting to hear your heartbeat for the first time.
Waiting to see your first black and white grainy photo where you look like a gummy bear.
Waiting to see if you'll be a baby girl or baby boy.
Waiting for your legs to grow strong enough so that we can watch your kicks from the outside.
Waiting for you to get the sweetest hiccups.
Waiting to paint your nursery.
Waiting to buy you tiny clothes.
We're waiting for the day that you will be born.
Waiting for the first time we see your beautiful face.
Waiting to hear your little cry.
We're waiting to feel the warmth of your skin against ours.
We're waiting for you to nurse and snuggle.
We're waiting to change your diapers and hold you when you cry.
We're waiting to kiss your forehead and breathe in your scent.
We're waiting to load you up in your car seat, and we're waiting to bring you to our home. Your home. It's nothing fancy, but we promise it holds more love than a million mansions.
We're waiting to give you sponge baths while you scream.
We're waiting to wrap you up like a burrito in your sleep sack and watch you drift to sleep right where you belong...here with us. 
You see, we know what it's like to be waiting for a baby because we waited a very long time for your big sister, Ellie; and now....she's waiting for you too.

Please come soon.
All my love,

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