Life Changing Potty Training Tip

Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week! Today I am sharing with you a LIFE CHANGING potty training tip. Literally, it is life changing. Be sure to check out my full video here or keep reading below!

First, I have a small disclaimer. This post is in NO WAY saying that potty training early is right for every family or every child. That said, these tips can be implemented whenever you decide to potty train! So no judgement, just some info in case you're interested! :)

I have had several mommy friends ask my "secrets" since Ellie was potty trained very early, at 21 months. YES! Not even two. She's a rock star, but I did implement some strategies that I think helped us have success.

1.  My first tip, is to let them have accidents. I know, I know... YOUR COUCH! but letting them feel how disgusting it feels, really does help (some) kids! I think they need to have the feeling of being wet to see that they don't care for it!

2.  Don't overuse Pull-Ups. I'm not saying they don't a place in potty training, but used exclusively they're just a diaper. We used Pull-Ups at night and for long car rides. The only reason I was okay with using them was because Ellie didn't abuse having one on. She rarely had an accident while wearing them. We actually preferred the Pampers Easy Ups. They seemed to fit her smaller build a little better and were softer!

3.  Have multiple potties in your house. If you spend a lot of time in a playroom upstairs or in a basement, make sure you have a potty nearby. You don't want to have to run across the house to try to make it to the bathroom when your toddler has to go NOW. You want to build their confidence up, so plan for success! We have a princess potty in the main bathroom and this cool flushing one as our back up.

and, drum roll please, my LIFE CHANGING POTTY TRAINING TIP is

Pack a potty bag.

A what? A bag with a small potty, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. You probably had a diaper bag, so it shouldn't be too hard of a transition. I purchased a $5 potty from Ikea paired with an old Thirty-One tote bag. Any small potty and tote bag will do! This LEGITIMATELY changed my life. There are many potty training articles out there that make you feel like you can't leave your house for the first month of potty training. That is simply not true! Most families today have very active lifestyles and busy schedules. A vacation to the beach can quickly derail a good foundation week of potty training. Ellie was not even two years old when we started potty training. A disgusting public toilet was the stuff of my her nightmares. Automatic flushers are a WHOLE. THING. This eliminates that entire part of equation! We went to an amusement park the 2nd week Ellie was potty trained. A few minutes from the exit she said she had to potty. We pulled over and I open the back of my vehicle, set up her potty, and voila! Dry pants, dry car seat! Win! To get your child used to this potty, bring it outside and let them use it there, take it grandma's, or use it at the sitter! I felt incredibly liberated once I learned this tip! My friend was one smart cookie! I must note also that she used this tip with her son, so this not just for girls! To see a sneak peek in my potty bag, click here.

I hope these tips help you on your potty training journey. It has been awesome having a potty trained toddler for over a year!

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