Jesus and Elsa

Ellie loves to look at a picture we have from her church dedication that was held shortly after she was born. She points to each family member and says their name. In the background of the picture is a painting of Jesus. I've pointed to it a couple times before and told her who it was, but she's never really cared. Today, she was pointing to each family member and then plain as day says, "Jesus!" "Door!" (He's knocking on a door in the painting.) She then proceeds to say, "Elsa?" "Snowwwman?" HAHAHAHA! Her favorite thing to do is knock on the doors in our house and say "Elsa?" and then sing "Snowmann?" followed by a sad "Byeeee." So adorable. I loved that she thought Jesus was looking for Elsa too. I am obsessed with this sweet little princess of mine, and I just had to share a glimpse of my days with her!

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