Perfectly Posh Review #2

I am so excited to share with you all another review of Perfectly Posh products!! You can read my first post here to learn a little more about Perfectly Posh, and be sure to check back for more as I still have more products to try out! :)

***I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own and based on my experience.***

BFF Best Face Forever Cleanser- This cleanser is quickly becoming a frequently used product in my shower! I like washing my face in the shower most of the time and this gentle exfoliating cleanser smells wonderful when it is steamed in my shower! It has grapefruit and peppermint oils in it, making it the perfect wake-me-up scent. I love the scrubby-ness of it as well! My face feels really soft after I use it, and I plan to add this to my growing wishlist!

Night and Day Face Moisturizer- I will admit that it will be hard to sway me from my favorite moisturizer of all time, but I actually do like the Night and Day Moisturizer! It has a lavender scent and really seems to calm your face. It is much lighter than what I typically use, but sometimes you just need a lighter moisturizer like in the summer! This would be a great option.

A Peel To Me Snarky Bar- This is one of the coolest products out there. It is basically a brick of butters with exfoliating pieces in it. I have an original scented Snarky Bar on its way to me! The A Peel To Me scent is citrus and very yummy! At first you will think there's no way this thing will exfoliate but as soon as you get it wet and start rubbing it on your skin, you will soon realize that it is powerful tool! I can really only use this full force on my feet, elbows, and knees because it is too harsh for delicate skin. The butters in the bar are wonderful since they infuse moisture back into the skin you're scraping off. Highly recommend this bad boy!

Skindelicious Castaway Coconut Body Butter- If you like thicker lotions and those in a tub format, this is for you! The biggest dilemma I have right now is deciding which scent to order next! I tried Castaway Coconut which was a wonderful tropical experience, but I am so intrigued by some of the others! "Mango Marshmallow"?? "Fresh, Creamy Milk"?? "FARMER'S MARKET"???? I mean, come. on. How do you choose? This body butter is extremely moisturizing and doesn't leave your skin too greasy. Again, it's a butter, so it is thicker than a regular lotion, but it is amazing!

As you can see, I'm just as smitten with this second round of "Posh" products.  Check out Stacie's page, here to order! She also has a Facebook page where she gives good product info and even hosts giveaways! We will be teaming up to offer a giveaway together here very soon!


  1. I've not gotten to try a lot of the products but I LOVE the body butters! Still need to buy one... lol

  2. I've not gotten to try a lot of the products but I LOVE the body butters! Still need to buy one... lol