Easter Must Haves.

So Easter is super early this year! Like April 5th early! So, here are some ideas to get you started on Easter treats for your little one.  

Check out my recommendations for baby's first Easter as well!

Ellie is finally starting to get enough hair to use a clip. I could not resist these floral ones! Along that note, her hair is still super fine. I have a travel size bottle of this jelly mousse from California Baby. I tried it the other night, and it really helped!

Last year, my mamaw got Ellie this Easter book. It is THE CUTEST. It talks about all of the fun goodies and eggs and pretty dresses but sums it up by saying those things are fun, but not the real reason that we have Easter. It is perfect for kiddos to learn about Jesus and Easter!

Ellie is obsessed with clothing and accessories. She has a few cheapie bracelets but I'm think she might need this sweet donut one. I can hear her now saying "on" "on". ;)

I love both sets of these eggs. The little bunny heads are adorable and the pretty colored ones will add some color to her basket!

Ellie has one set of Crayola Color Wonder markers and loves them! I think she will be able to use these brush tip markers a little easier than the regular ones. I like being able to give her these and just letting her go at it without fear of rainbow colored everything. We do switch between regular markers and her favorite gem shaped crayons so that she realizes that you still should be careful when using art supplies. The gem crayons were the first ones I let her use. They fit so well in tiny hands!

I love these straw cups! Ellie likes to use cups like this when she sees me using one. It's the only way I can get her to drink her almond milk!  Straws freak me out though. So she only gets these seated and totally supervised.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for the little bunny in your life!

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