Blog Series: Perfectly Posh Review 1

I have been given the opportunity to test out some awesome products! My friend, Stacie, has recently become a Perfectly Posh distributor. She has hooked me up with tons of goodies to try out and share with you! I have so many things to try and write about so I have decided to make this a review series. You should see a post like this for the next couple weeks as I work through the products!

***I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own and based on my experience.***

Stacie tried to warn me that these products were addicting. Being the beauty product addict that I already am, I agreed to try them out! Perfectly Posh is a beauty brand with more natural ingredients. 
Straight from their website, "For as long as a girl has needed to care for her skin, she could find FUN products and she could find GOOD products, but it was difficult to find products that were both fun AND good. Perfectly Posh offers products you'll feel good about putting on your skin." That statement really hits home for me. I love beauty products, but I also know some of my old faves weren't that great for my body. I gave up a lot them when I was pregnant with Ellie. Since, I have been looking for better options. Perfectly Posh products are made in the USA, have gentle & natural ingredients, no parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers, lots of natural butters and essential oils, many vegan options, and they don't test on animals.
  If any of those things are what you look at before making a purchase, then this might be the brand for you!

I had originally planned to write this post after giving the products some time. I was so impressed after the first use that I felt the need to share immediately.


1.  Seriously. When I opened the first product sample it was literally the best smell ever. I expected the Hey, Honey hand cream to smell very bland and mild, but I honestly thought even if this stuff doesn't help my hands I don't even care because it smells amazing. Brent and I always joke that Ellie smells like angels and sunshine. Yes, we're those parents. But I'm tellin' you this crap LITERALLY smells like what I'd imagine angels and sunshine to smell like. Fruity, sweet, wonderful. My hands feel great too. Even after washing them, I feel like they're protected. I am for sure ordering this. I wonder if it comes in a 5 gallon bucket size? Hmmm...

2.  I actually fished this one out of my sample bag because I had already fallen in love with the other Hey, Honey product. This is the healing body cream and it is nothing short of amazing. I put this on ONE TIME after a shower. My skin of course smelled awesome because it has the same scent as the hand cream. I kind of wanted to eat it, but that's a little creepy. My skin is always really dry in the winter because we have a wood stove. I swear the next morning the backs of my arms weren't purple (I know you know what I'm talking about) and my skin was just.... soft. Remember, I have used this once! Add this one to my must-have list as well.

3.  Over the past few months I have transitioned from a shower gel gal to a bar soap babe. I'm not really sure why. Maybe because my showers are now 2.5 seconds long, and I just need to scrub myself down with the soap. Forget the loofah. I don't know, BUT I have been using just original Dove bar soap. It's not fancy, but I do like the scent. When I saw some bar soap samples in my bag from Stacie, I was super excited! On paper, the Viva Senorita didn't really sound like a scent I would purchase. I mean it didn't sound bad, but I usually go for baked goods-vanilla-sweet scents and this one said "a fiesta of coarse salt, cilantro, and lime". When I pulled it out of the bag I sniffed it so hard because I wanted to see if I could find the cilantro smell. I hate the taste of cilantro but don't mind the smell. Well..I couldn't find it, but the "chunk!" smelled wonderful! I lathered up with it in the shower and loved it! When I was using it is felt very moisturizing, but when I rinsed my skin felt clean. I like that! I have another one of these chunks to try and will definitely be trying more scents when I order!

4.  My feet are terrible right now. I need a pedicure something fierce, but I will wait until it warms up a little. When I looked at the name of this foot scrub, A Walk on the Beach, I assumed it was just a tropical scent. Upon reading the insert I found out that it has ACTUAL SAND in it. Seeing as I'd much rather being on a white sand beach than surrounded by all of this white snow, I decided to scrub up my feet and pretend I was there. It smelled very light, almost baby powderish, but in a good way. My feet still need a major intervention, but this stuff would be a great maintenance product in between pedis!

Judging by my experience with the first four products, I think it's safe to say I would highly recommend Perfectly Posh! Check out Stacie's page, here to order! She also has a Facebook page where she gives good product info and even hosts giveaways!

Stay tuned for a chance to win a Perfectly Posh product on the blog and for my reviews on more products!

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  1. I have only tried the healer. Smells great and works too. Would love to try some samples sometime! :)