15 months

Age: 15 months

Ellie turned 15 months on November 30. I can't imagine not being home with her all the time. I am definitely in the right place. She is becoming so funny and has a little temper too. While it's still adorable, Daddy and I turn our heads to laugh and try to correct her without letting her know she is the sweetest thing ever. She has started to notice a couple TV shows and enjoys Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First. I am equally obsessed with these cute cartoons! We are looking forward to Christmas even though it we don't get to have the cute "Baby's 1st Christmas" onesies this year, I think we will enjoy seeing her reaction to her gifts.
Ellie can say these words:  Mummum, Dadad, Nunny (grandma), nilla, boots, eat, Ellie (pronounced EE), uh huh (while shaking head no), yes (while nodding), deer, apple, duck, all done, yucky, bear, uh oh, baby,
Ellie can say these animal noises: Turkey, Puppy, Donkey, Kitty, Cow, Bear, Truck/Tractor noise brrrrr
Ellie can point to these body parts:  head, feet, toes, mouth, belly button, hands, eyes 
Best Moment: Teaching Ellie to say her name. :)
 Worst Moment: Meltdowns 
Health: Great!
Eating: Can be picky. Still loves pouches and scared to death of peaches put on high chair tray! hahahah!
Teeth: 7th tooth is starting to pop through! So far we have the bottom 2 and top 4.

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