Weekly Happenings 9/1

This first week post birthday has been good so far. Aside from the fact that my 'What to Expect' app emails are now geared toward toddlers. Um, I'm sorry, but they should ease into that. Some of us are not quite ready to admit that our babies are toddlers when they turn one. Thanks. 
We have of course been trying out some of Ellie's new birthday toys. Looks like we'll be purchasing a new splat tomato soon. It already leaked all over the table and made its way to the trash. So far Ellie is loving all of her new stuff. She is especially interested in her veggies and zany zoo as well as her clothes which she insists upon carrying around while walking. We have officially named her new bath ducks: fat duck, skinny duck, funny duck, and flat duck. They are the cutest little bath toys by boon. Thanks Aunt Carrie! Ellie has a new strolling buddy too. She really enjoyed having a friend along for the ride until she decided the friend should eat concrete and skedaddle. 

So we are on day 3 of almond milk. Ellie says what the heck is in my cup. She's figured out which sippy has almond milk and which one is water. She refuses the milk. Oh well. We will keep trying I suppose! While we're in the kitchen I thought I'd share my new favorite side dish. I modified this from a several I had found on Pinterest. Super easy. I use a steam pouch of broccoli cuts, half a box of rigatoni, and about a cup of Sabra hummus. We like the the roasted garlic flavor. Cook the broccoli and noodles then toss in the hummus. Done and it's delicious!

I have a hair appointment tonight. Thinking of going back to the ombre look I had going on a couple years ago. I like the low maintenance of a color close to my natural but I'm really missing those blonde pieces. I like this one and this one. We shall see what I come home with! 

We've eaten all the left over cupcakes and cleaned up the birthday decorations. I guess it's officially over and it's back to business as usual. Ellie has her 12 month checkup on Monday and I am dreading those shots something fierce. I think it gets worse the older they get. Idk! Anxious to see how much she weighs and how tall she is though. Of course I'll have my list ready of my million psycho new mom things to ask as usual! Hope you're having a great week!

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