Ellie's One Year Photos

Here's a look at Ellie's one year photo shoot! Huge thanks to Emily Kay Studio for letting me run wild with my ideas. You're the best! xoxo

I wanted something original for Ellie's photos that would still keep her as the focus but be a little different than the norm. I combined several ideas that I found (Thanks for the swing idea, Stacie! ;) ) and came up with what would become Ellie's Teepee. I used this Teepee Tutorial (kind of). Brent got to help with drilling the holes in the poles, and I had my Mamaw help with sewing and piecing it. I've had my sewing machine since elementary school and love to pull it out but wrestling bedsheets, a sewing machine, and a baby didn't seem like something I wanted to tackle alone. Plus, Mamaw is a master seamstress and I'm just a novice-wannabee. I added burlap wire ribbon to the opening and hot glued on some peonies. I did manage to sew up a little gold pillow myself which went pretty well until Ellie realized that my pin cushion was a tomato....If you know Ellie, the horror that I felt upon the realization makes sense. The vintage feedsack pillows were something I made a couple years ago for a craft show but didn't sell. You either "get" this look or you don't. The people at that particular craft show did not. (Gaudy-tulle-wreaths and 80's Christmas decor sold. like. hotcakes. Right, Candie? ;) ) 
Finding the perfect outfit for pictures can be daunting. I knew I wanted a feather crown from A Tiny Arrow so I asked Janis to make my favorite one into a mini because I liked the daintiness of it. I happened upon Sugarplum Lane Boutique's latest adorable creation, aka sequined baby hot pants. THEN I found this floral bull skull tank on their site that completed the look perfectly.  Of course Freshly Picked moccs were a no brainer. The second outfit was a Children's Place Outlet score and a custom floral headband from WillowCrowns
Below is the inspiration board that I created along with some of my favorite shots  from the day.


All photos property of e.b. details as purchased from Emily Kay Studio

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