Feeding Essentials

It has been FOREVER since I've had a chance to blog. Chalk it up to the end of the school year (yay!) and a maxed out schedule. This is a post I had drafted awhile ago but want to go ahead and post it even though Ellie is well beyond some of these feeding basics.

I am a firm believer in delaying the introduction of solids. We waited until Ellie was 6 months before she had anything other than breastmilk and her Vitamin D drops. Do your research and make an informed decision. This is what worked for us and what the pros recommend.  At six months we started with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She loved it! She now eats oatmeal cereal mixed with breastmilk and apples with prunes. I'm sure you can guess why we changed the cereal and added the fruits. ;)  Our Walmart pretty much sucks on baby food selection.  I ordered an Earth's Best starter kit of fruits and vegetables. Her early fave was carrots! She now enjoys the Earth's Best Chicken and Sweet Potatoes meal. It's the only meat one she will eat.  I love the bumkins bunny bib! They are easy to wipe off and cover a large area. I use the little burp cloths to wipe up her messes. They are nice and again, big. The pretty Beaba spoons are a must! Very flexible, and cute. I use the Tommee Tippee bowls to mix cereal and serve food just in case she doesn't eat the whole jar so that way we don't double dip. :) My fave feeding essential has to be our Boon Flair High Chair! It is super easy to clean and adjusts to any height. We have switched up brands a little since the early days of solids. I still do some Earth's Best but since our selection isn't the greatest, I also buy some Gerber. I figure it's been around a long time so it must be ok. Ellie also loves the Happy Baby Puffs in the Greens flavor, Sweet Potato, and Banana flavor, although she still refuses to feed herself. She loves to pick them up, but just throws in the floor and opens her mouth waiting for me to give her one. Silly, sweet girl!

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