Diaper Favorites

Diaper Favorites

Huggies Natural Care Wipes- Before I was even pregnant I started couponing diapers and wipes. All brands and varieties...just whatever I could match a coupon and deal with.  I knew I would ultimately like a certain type of everything but  not knowing what that would be, I thought I would try to stock up and use whatever I had first. I immediately found a favorite wipe. These are thick enough and wet enough. There were several kinds that I tried that were like dry cloths. Not so good for stuck on messes. I tend to probably over use wipes but I like her to feel clean.

Pampers Swaddlers- These easily became my favorite diapers. For one, they had the wetness indicator line, which for a new mom is invaluable. Also, Ellie HATES, I mean HATES a wet diaper. I could easily tell with these if she was wet or was screaming like a banshee for another reason.

Storksak Diaper Bag- I'm in love with my diaper bag. Initially I thought I would want a Coach or something pink but ended up with this big, metallic beauty. It has all kind of compartments inside and a changing pad. It goes with everything and doesn't scream "diaper bag".

California Baby Diaper Rash Cream- During our childbirth classes they stressed the importance of not using products with artificial fragrance. I went with this notion across the board. Bath, diaper creams, wipes, etc. anything that touches her skin basically. This has the same active ingredients as traditional diaper rash creams but less of the harsh stuff. It smells great and seems to do the trick when Ellie is lookin' a little red.

Munchkin Disposable Bags- These bad boys are great. Especially when your baby shat up the back of her hedgehog onesie and purple stretchy pants and you're left to clean her up in the teeny tiny bathroom of McAllister's. One for the poopy diaper and one for the clothes to bring home. The little roll fits nicely in the diaper bag too.

A+D Ointment- My mom used this stuff on me and my brother and I've been known to have a tube in bathroom from time to time for chapped lips, burns, etc.  We kind of switch back and forth between this and CB Diaper Rash cream when Ellie is flared up. This stuff really soothes and is a preventative ointment as well.

Pampers Baby Dry- I got a diaper cake at my work baby shower. It was made out of Pampers Baby Dry diapers. I also had a pack that I'd couponed. I read on the side that they can stay dry for 12 hours. When we started our sleep training adventure I decided to try these to avoid night time wakings because of wet diapers. They seem to work as far wicking away the moisture. We only use these at night though because it's harder for daddy to tell if she is wet when she's wearing these. ;)

Ubbi Diaper Pail- I settled on this diaper pail after researching for awhile before I registered. I ended up buying it myself though. This one is great because you don't have to have a special bag or liner. You just use regular kitchen trash bags. The only downside is that it doesn't hold very many diapers and once it's full, it's hard to get the bag out. Other than that, I love it. We never smell diapers and for now it's sitting in our living room.

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  1. A lot of these products are my favorites as well! The diaper pail I got also allows you to use regular garbage bags, its called the Diaper Champ. I love it!