6 Months

Age: 6 Months
Height: 26.5 in
Weight:15 lbs 14.6 oz
Head: 43.5 cm
Milestones: Ellie is starting to get the hang of sitting up! She has been strong enough to do it since like 5 and 1/2 months but too stubborn to! Being the overprotective freak that I am, I have probably discouraged her sitting independently because I am constantly barricading her.  My favorite...using my pregnancy pillow to make her into a baby cinnamon roll so that no matter which way she tips over, she's got a cushy landing.
Sleep: Ehhh....not quite as good as she used to be. We are going to attempt re-sleep training her to prevent night wakings in the next couple weeks. Before we still thought it was fine for her to wake up and eat because she was EBF and really could've been hungry. Now when she wakes I know she's just nursing for comfort or wants to play, like the other night at midnight where she was blowing raspberries and talking for two hours straight. Hard to be mad though since she's so darn cute!
Best Moment: Starting solids! Watching her facial expressions is so fun!
Worst Moment: 6. month. shots. Awful. Ellie always struggles after her immunizations and really isn't herself for a week after. This time though, she got the flu shot on top of the others. I think it really did her in.  She ran her first fever. Nothing too serious and totally a normal reaction but it was so hard to watch her feel so bad. She actually wanted me to cradle her like newborn instead of being held upright.  She would just suck on her nilla (pacifier) and make these sad little puppy noises in her sleep. She cried, I cried...we were one hot mess.
Health: Doing good after those mean ole' shots! She still has issues with her left eye tear duct from time to time but her ped said her case is not serious and to just keep using a warm compress.
Eating: We started solids!! So far Ellie has had rice cereal, carrots, and pears.  She loves her cereal and carrots. Pears...not so much. She muscled through it the first 2 days, but said 'no way' when Daddy tried the 3rd day. Next stop, sweet potatoes! I am still continuing to breastfeed for as long as I can up to a year. Speaking of, I am currently battling a case of mastitis. Fun. Not. But it's tolerable and makes me even more determined to keep nursing!
Teeth: No teeth yet! Still a drool factory and likes to chew on everything.  Her favorite things to chew on are her nilla (pacifier), Sophie, and my hands.

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