Peppermint Rose

One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories would have to be making homemade cards.  This always involved pink construction paper, markers, doilies, and stickers. This year I thought that it would be fun to make homemade cards "with" Ellie. Ok, technically she didn't really help, but she was right there with me. When I tried to think of a design or even what supplies I wanted to use, I immediately remembered the most important thing about the homemade Valentine cards from my childhood. The scent. Yes, my Valentine cards had a scent and it was amazing. I remember that I used to think it was the doilies that gave off this sweet smell. In reality it was the scented stickers that made my cards smell so wonderful. I decided to do a google search for scented Valentine stickers just to see what Walmart or Target might carry. I was pleasantly surprised when my search yielded the EXACT stickers that I had used on my cards years ago. The listing was for "Vintage Peppermint Rose Stickers". I immediately clicked "add to cart" and proceeded to spend way too much on two sheets of scented stickers circa 1993. When the packaged arrived in the mail my biggest concern was that they wouldn't smell anymore because they were so old. Wrong! They smelled just as delightful and brought back all of the memories that I had intended to stir up. Ellie and I proceeded to make the cutest, most sentimental Valentine's cards ever, stuffed them with photos from our at home photo shoot, and sent them to a few special people that we love. 



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  1. That's so neat that you were able to find the exact ones you had once used! I bet getting to use them with Ellie made them even more special to you! Love the precious pictures:)