New Year: Operation De-clutter

Walk into my classroom and you will see that everything has a place. Even stuff that doesn't have a place, has a place. The walls are decorated but not over the top. There is room to breathe and room to move among 24 first graders. Walk into my house and you will be lucky to get through the mess of baby gear, laundry, junk mail and utter randomness that makes its way in but doesn’t seem to have a place.  Why is that? I’ve always been so organized with my school work and now work work. My desk in elementary school was arranged so perfectly that my uncle would mess it up when he came to have lunch with my aunt (then teacher) as a joke.  My locker in high school was divided by block schedule day and class. Everything was in its place. My desk at my first job was always orderly. So why….WHY? Can I not seem to get it together at home? Everywhere else I am an OCD freak about my stuff.
My theory is that my home is the one place I can relax. I don’t have to be the uptight control freak that I feel the need to be everywhere else. I can breatheeeeee. But then I get overwhelmed by the clutter and slowly but surely reach the point where I can’t stand it anymore.
This year my goal is make my home a more organized place. I don’t want to have to scramble before guests arrive. I don’t want to have “binge/purge” days where I have to frantically clean because I can’t take it anymore. I want to live in a more peaceful environment and I hope I can accomplish this goal in 2014. My plan of attack is to start small. I want begin by simplifying, followed by organizing, deep cleaning, and maintaining.
1.      Eliminate the crap in my closet that I never wear.
2.      Eliminate the other crap I never use that is lurking in linen closets, drawers, and cabinets.
3.      Utilize my built-in storage in a user friendly way that leaves things used the most as easily accessible as possible.
4.      Use boxes, baskets, etc not just for decoration but to actually store things.
5.      Deep clean all areas of the house.
6.      Make a weekly cleaning schedule.
7.      Vow to put things away immediately instead of sitting them down somewhere else first.  Like on the kitchen table, entry counter, by the door…you know, where everything seems to cluster first.
8.      Strategically place bins/baskets to collect things that don’t seem to have place before I find a place. That will be their place.
9.      Call in reinforcements. Make sure hubby is on board and made aware of new routines. He is amazing at helping me out. This will be no different. He will welcome this, I’m sure.
10.  Realize that this will be an adjustment. I will not hold myself to an impossible standard, nor will I beat myself on a day that falls apart and I can’t or don’t want to stick to the plan. For example, those days when Ellie poops both of our pants while nursing, Brent gets home late, or when I have a massive headache brought on by 2 dozen needy first graders.
I’m hoping this New Year’s resolution will stick, but I’m writing it in pencil…just in case. What is your goal for the New Year?

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