Gift Guide: First Christmas

White Mass Bricks (sold out; similar here) // Plush Alphabet Letters // Piggy Bank // Beaba Babycook Pro //

Everyone said to me in the weeks leading up to, during, and after Christmas that next year we would enjoy it so much having Ellie. That next year we would get to buy cool gifts. Since I thoroughly enjoy Ellie this year, I wanted it to be just as special. Yes, she had no idea really what was going on but I wanted meaningful, age appropriate gifts for her first Christmas. Without breaking the bank, I believe I did just that. 

 I’ve created a 1st Christmas Gift Guide which includes my favorite gifts from me, others, and of course Santa.

White Mass Bricks with DIY Gold and Pink Dots-  I found this idea on Glitter Guide (original post: here).  They actually cut circles out of contact paper to make the dots where I took the easy way out and just ordered gold and pink precut circle stickers on Etsy. 

Plush Alphabet Set- The teacher in me is obsessed with these letters. My first graders use magnetic letters all the time. I can’t wait to be able to play in the floor with Ellie with these letters. A major plus that she can chew on them, and I can wash them!

Interactive Piggy Bank- Since rooty pig is one for Ellie’s nicknames, this cute little piggy bank was a must. It counts as you insert the coins and sings some songs too.

Beaba Babycook Pro- My husband is admittedly a little old man. He loves to garden, can, and preserve. I have nominated him to undertake the new role of baby food maker. My mom and dad got us (Ellie) this to help get us started!

Glow Worm- Ellie stays at the baby sitter’s during the work week.  There are two little boys (brothers; kindergarten and third grade) that get off the bus there and are cared for with Ellie for about an hour. We call them “her brothers”.  They are the sweetest things ever. They got Ellie a cute baby doll rattle, a Carter’s outfit, and this Glow Worm. She is obsessed with the Glow Worm. It’s face lights up and it plays music.

Personalized Storybook- I made a book a for Ellie that features her immediate family, her house, and  a stuffed animal or two. I know how much my students love seeing themselves in books and I know Ellie will love to see the familiar faces one day.  There is no plot, just a description of each family member that includes their names and an interactive part where they say “Hi, Baby Ellie!”. Hopefully it will be a fun read aloud someday!

Piggy Paint- I am so against babies getting their ears pierced. BUT I didn’t want Ellie to miss out on all of the girlie fun, so that Ellie can safely have her little toes painted pink, I ordered her some Piggy Paint that is kid friendly and non-toxic. I even got her a little carrying case that has pink pigs on it. Rooty pig….piggy paint? I mean it’s a no brainer.

These are my favorite gifts from Ellie’s first Christmas. Though this is not nearly everything she received, these are definitely my faves. Feel free to use these recommendations for a first Christmas or anytime baby gift guide!

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