Breastfeeding Favorites

Since I spend a huge amount of my day feeding my baby Ellie, pumping at work, or cleaning pump parts for hours on end, I thought my first "favorites" post would include some of my favorite breastfeeding essentials. 

My blog will feature many "favorites" posts which will (usually) include clickable links just in case you find something you would like to try out.

Four months in, I would confidently say breastfeeding is one of the most challenging, exhausting things you will ever do, but I also can't imagine giving up the pure joy that comes from being able to completely nourish your baby while creating a bond that is indescribable.  Don't pressure yourself, but give it a shot. I had no idea how it would go, but I'm so glad I tried! 

1. Boppy Nursing Cover  2.  Medela Shield 3. Medela Tender Care Hydrogel Pads 4. Medela Breast Pads 5. Medela Pump & Save Bags 6. Medela Pump & Style Breastpump 7. Lansinoh Lanolin 8. Gerber Cloth Diapers 9. Playtex Nurser Bottles 10. Pink Minky Nursing Pillow

1.  A wonderful coworker got me this Boppy Nursing Cover. I had one that I'd gotten for free but the metal rings never stayed in place leaving me often exposed.  This one has plastic rings that stay secure. It also folds up really easily into a little pouch.
2.  I started using this Medela nipple shield the first time I tried breastfeeding. Knowing way ahead of time that I may need some help with latching because of my breast shape, the nurses in the special care nursery only got me one because I asked for it.  Don't be afraid to try it with a shield! Yes, Lactation Consultants will freak out and want you to stop using it, but my theory is that if it allows you to breastfeed, why not use it?
3. My favorite Mother/Baby nurse brought be these at like 2 am the first night Ellie was in in our room. They are wonderful cooling gel pads that soothe instantly. A little pricey, but worth it!
4. These are super absorbent. I never worry about leaking.
5. I use these bags constantly. They are so easy because you can pump right into them. I usually keep them in the fridge for a day (just in case, so I don't have to thaw it) and then just toss it in the deep freezer if I don't use it.
6. This pump is super easy to use and light weight. I love that everything fits in the bag, plus it's discreet! I would STRONGLY suggest buying multiple sets of pump parts. I have two sets of cups, several membranes, and like 4 adapters and it's still not enough. You will constantly be washing something. I keep telling Brent that I want to invent disposable pump parts. How cool would that be?
7. So I know it looks like I only use Medela but that's not the case. I tried the Medela Lanolin in the hospital and when I first got home. After reading a review over Lansinoh brand, I bought a tube and never went back. It is hands down the best.
8. I DO NOT use cloth diapers for baby butts. NO THANKS! BUT..they make the best burp cloths. I have some really pretty burp cloths too, but these are fab for lounging at home and mopping up spit up that puddled in the floor after it was launched over your shoulder.
9. So my mom suggested that we use Playtex Nurser bottles because they had the "slowest flow". I argued that "no one uses those anymore" and there are all kinds of slow flow bottles out there. Needless to say, after Ellie about drowned herself on three other "slow flow" bottles, I thought we might as well try the nursers and conveniently my mom had already purchased one "just in case". Ha! They are great though. I don't mind the drop in liners because I'm a germaphobe and it makes me feel good to change them.
10. I got this pillow for free. Ok, not "free free". I had to pay $11.95 for shipping/handling but it was pretty much free. I actually ordered a gray one before I knew that I was having a girl and then once Ellie got here I ordered the pink minky so I could keep one in my chair and one in the bedroom for nighttime feedings when you can barely find your boob and baby much less a pillow.

So here they are! My breastfeeding faves. Hopefully you will find something new to try!

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