Etsy Finds | Pineapples

Hi guys! I have gathered up my favorite pineapple things on Etsy at the moment! These are the perfect "treat yo'self" for TTCers or the perfect pick me up gift for your favorite TTC sister! I honestly don't know which item I like best! They're all amazing!

Stunning Maternity Photos | Milk Bath Photography

Hi! Today I am sharing with you my latest obsession.

Milk. Bath. Photography.

After seeing a couple shots on Pinterest, I literally couldn't get enough! I think they are most beautiful for maternity photos, but also love the style for babies as well!

I met the beautiful Morganne Fox several months ago through Instagram. She recently posted her milk bath shoot, and my jaw dropped! The photos were exactly the style I had been obsessing over! She was kind enough to share some of the gorgeous photos from her session with my readers! She is pregnant with twin girls! So amazing! I asked her about her milk bath session because I've seen several different ways to set it up. Some use powdered coffee creamer, some use evaporated milk and corn starch, and others use full fat milk. Morganne and her photographer, Ethel Bucio of OE Photography, opted for full fat milk added to a half filled bath. The milk was poured and then more water was added until the desired opacity and water level were achieved. Morganne used left over flowers from her baby shower. Talk about an awesome way to re-purpose! The flowers were cut at the base so the tops could float, with some left as half stems for greenery. Several roses were dismantled and the petals were placed in the water. The bulk of the flowers used were carnations and mums, so no fancy flowers needed for this shoot! Due to the nature of the white milk bath, flowers should be somewhat of a contrasting color.  I loved getting a take from someone who has actually experienced the process. When asked about her favorite part of the session, Morganne said,

"I had dirty hair that I added a braid to, did my own make-up, put on my photographer's lace gown, and hopped in! This is one of the easiest shoots for the model, as you get to enjoy a warm bath and can only get into about three different positions! Meanwhile your photographer can arrange the flowers around you as desired, and shoot away! In these photos, the focus is the gorgeous baby belly, so not every photo needs to have your face, which I think some can appreciate. I also think the water is super forgiving, so any momma can feel beautiful in these photos. It's such a lovely and simple way to capture the beauty and miracle of pregnancy!"

These are some of the most feminine, unique maternity photos I've ever seen! I opted out of doing traditional maternity photos during my pregnancy with Ellie, but I could get on board with something like this! Please check out Morganne's fabulous feed on Instagram as well as her photographer. I can't wait for her twinnies to arrive. They will be beautiful just like their momma! 

All images are property of Morganne Fox and OE Photography, used with permission by ebdetails.

We're Waiting

View the full video version here.

Dear Baby, 
We're waiting for you.
Waiting for you to snuggle in Mommy's belly so that you can begin to grow and prepare to meet us.
Waiting for the day we learn you're finally heading our way.
We're waiting to hear good news about Mommy's HCG levels doubling.
Waiting to hear your heartbeat for the first time.
Waiting to see your first black and white grainy photo where you look like a gummy bear.
Waiting to see if you'll be a baby girl or baby boy.
Waiting for your legs to grow strong enough so that we can watch your kicks from the outside.
Waiting for you to get the sweetest hiccups.
Waiting to paint your nursery.
Waiting to buy you tiny clothes.
We're waiting for the day that you will be born.
Waiting for the first time we see your beautiful face.
Waiting to hear your little cry.
We're waiting to feel the warmth of your skin against ours.
We're waiting for you to nurse and snuggle.
We're waiting to change your diapers and hold you when you cry.
We're waiting to kiss your forehead and breathe in your scent.
We're waiting to load you up in your car seat, and we're waiting to bring you to our home. Your home. It's nothing fancy, but we promise it holds more love than a million mansions.
We're waiting to give you sponge baths while you scream.
We're waiting to wrap you up like a burrito in your sleep sack and watch you drift to sleep right where you with us. 
You see, we know what it's like to be waiting for a baby because we waited a very long time for your big sister, Ellie; and now....she's waiting for you too.

Please come soon.
All my love,

Bridal Brunch

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite photos from the weekend where I helped host & design a bridal brunch for my soon-to-be sister in law. Seeing the finished product makes me miss my days as an event planner, but all of the prep and tear down does not! ha! 

Having a brunch was so fun! I think the donut towers were my fave with the bagel bar coming in at a close second! The food was delish! 

As far as floral elements, we used a lot of different greenery and a couple gorgeous hydrangeas. I made a floral crown out of baby's breath for the bride as well! 

Since the venue was a church, we opted for a "mock mimosa bar" with sparkling water as our bubbly! We frozen different fruits in ice to pair with the juices so that guests could make their own concoctions. 

This shower was set up as an open house so guests could stop by anytime between the allotted times. We didn't do any traditional games which allowed for guests to mingle at their leisure. I did, however, surprise everyone with a fun photo booth! The pictures ended up being a hit and everyone loved taking a turn using the vintage aprons or bouquet as props!

I hope you enjoy a peek of some shots of the details from a special day!

Life Changing Potty Training Tip

Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week! Today I am sharing with you a LIFE CHANGING potty training tip. Literally, it is life changing. Be sure to check out my full video here or keep reading below!

First, I have a small disclaimer. This post is in NO WAY saying that potty training early is right for every family or every child. That said, these tips can be implemented whenever you decide to potty train! So no judgement, just some info in case you're interested! :)

I have had several mommy friends ask my "secrets" since Ellie was potty trained very early, at 21 months. YES! Not even two. She's a rock star, but I did implement some strategies that I think helped us have success.

1.  My first tip, is to let them have accidents. I know, I know... YOUR COUCH! but letting them feel how disgusting it feels, really does help (some) kids! I think they need to have the feeling of being wet to see that they don't care for it!

2.  Don't overuse Pull-Ups. I'm not saying they don't a place in potty training, but used exclusively they're just a diaper. We used Pull-Ups at night and for long car rides. The only reason I was okay with using them was because Ellie didn't abuse having one on. She rarely had an accident while wearing them. We actually preferred the Pampers Easy Ups. They seemed to fit her smaller build a little better and were softer!

3.  Have multiple potties in your house. If you spend a lot of time in a playroom upstairs or in a basement, make sure you have a potty nearby. You don't want to have to run across the house to try to make it to the bathroom when your toddler has to go NOW. You want to build their confidence up, so plan for success! We have a princess potty in the main bathroom and this cool flushing one as our back up.

and, drum roll please, my LIFE CHANGING POTTY TRAINING TIP is

Pack a potty bag.

A what? A bag with a small potty, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. You probably had a diaper bag, so it shouldn't be too hard of a transition. I purchased a $5 potty from Ikea paired with an old Thirty-One tote bag. Any small potty and tote bag will do! This LEGITIMATELY changed my life. There are many potty training articles out there that make you feel like you can't leave your house for the first month of potty training. That is simply not true! Most families today have very active lifestyles and busy schedules. A vacation to the beach can quickly derail a good foundation week of potty training. Ellie was not even two years old when we started potty training. A disgusting public toilet was the stuff of my her nightmares. Automatic flushers are a WHOLE. THING. This eliminates that entire part of equation! We went to an amusement park the 2nd week Ellie was potty trained. A few minutes from the exit she said she had to potty. We pulled over and I open the back of my vehicle, set up her potty, and voila! Dry pants, dry car seat! Win! To get your child used to this potty, bring it outside and let them use it there, take it grandma's, or use it at the sitter! I felt incredibly liberated once I learned this tip! My friend was one smart cookie! I must note also that she used this tip with her son, so this not just for girls! To see a sneak peek in my potty bag, click here.

I hope these tips help you on your potty training journey. It has been awesome having a potty trained toddler for over a year!

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Summer Faves

As many are preparing to head back to school, I thought I would share my favorite things from summer! I've rounded up several of my favorite things in different categories and listed them below. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Favorite activity for kids // So having a kiddie car wash is kind of a no brainer, but sometimes that's exactly what you need! Very little prep or expense involved, but keeps your kiddos cool and entertained! All you need is: some kind of vehicle to wash, a water hose (with running water, duh!), a sponge, bucket, and BIG bottle of soap.

Favorite food // This summer I have been obsessed with burrito bowls! We've included yummy veggies out of the garden, like zucchini, and changed up the ingredients depending on how many days it's been since I hit up the grocery. 

Favorite drink // It's no secret that I LOVE the teas from Starbucks. This summer I have alternated between two stellar drink orders that are sweet but still refreshing!  My go-to order this summer has been a Trenta Black Iced Tea with 3 pumps of classic syrup and 3 pumps of peach. If I'm not ordering the peach, I substitute in mango. YUM! Here's a recipe for a homemade peach tea that looks divine! 

Summer Style for Mama // Can I get an amen for fashion bloggers? Those girls are the ish. Until now, I have always LOVED maxi dresses and skirts but dismissed most of them because of my height. That was until I saw all the cool girls throwing a knot in the bottom of their long and flowy dresses and skirts. HELLO genius! I now feel like I can rock a maxi with the best of them and a) not trip on my hem & b) not look like a kid playing dress up.

Yummy Scent // For my birthday my mom and my mother in law got me some awesome body products. I am totally in love with the scents. They scream summer! One is this amazing whipped argan oil body butter and the other is a body spray. It doesn't get much better than apricot and mango scented bath and body products.

DIY Project // I am dying to try this adorable DIY watermelon serving tray! What a cute, festive project for summer! I just love how cute and functional that it is.

Summer Style for Mini // It is safe to say that even Ellie has a favorite style this summer! Her absolute favorite thing ever is her little collection of jelly sandals. Jellies are great for mamas too, because they're easy to rinse off if they get dirty and don't ruin if they get wet.

What are your favorites this summer?

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A letter to my only child

My precious Ellie,

I'm writing this to let you know how hard we're trying. Not just for us, but for you. We want you to have a baby brother or sister more than anything right now. I pray every day for God to bless us with another baby, but also that he'll remember you too. You are so gentle and kind. You will be an amazing big sister. You're so helpful and smart. Our hearts burst at the thought of seeing you interact with a new baby in our family. When you play with your baby dolls it is so sweet, but at the same time breaks our hearts. We know you wouldn't get along with your sibling every waking minute, but we know we want you to have someone else on this earth with you besides mommy and daddy. Someone that you will love and will love you no matter what.
We are trying my angel. Trying so so hard.
We also want you to know that if it doesn't work out, that's okay too.
Because we have you. Our perfect baby girl. 
You are the best gift I've ever received. Being your mommy is the greatest joy of my life, and we will be okay. You will be okay. We have enough love to make it through anything. Even though there will be days where you might be sad and we might be sad, we are beyond happy to live our lives with you as our only child. 

Love forever and always,