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Hi! Today I am sharing with you my latest obsession.

Milk. Bath. Photography.

After seeing a couple shots on Pinterest, I literally couldn't get enough! I think they are most beautiful for maternity photos, but also love the style for babies as well!

I met the beautiful Morganne Fox several months ago through Instagram. She recently posted her milk bath shoot, and my jaw dropped! The photos were exactly the style I had been obsessing over! She was kind enough to share some of the gorgeous photos from her session with my readers! She is pregnant with twin girls! So amazing! I asked her about her milk bath session because I've seen several different ways to set it up. Some use powdered coffee creamer, some use evaporated milk and corn starch, and others use full fat milk. Morganne and her photographer, Ethel Bucio of OE Photography, opted for full fat milk added to a half filled bath. The milk was poured and then more water was added until the desired opacity and water level were achieved. Morganne used left over flowers from her baby shower. Talk about an awesome way to re-purpose! The flowers were cut at the base so the tops could float, with some left as half stems for greenery. Several roses were dismantled and the petals were placed in the water. The bulk of the flowers used were carnations and mums, so no fancy flowers needed for this shoot! Due to the nature of the white milk bath, flowers should be somewhat of a contrasting color.  I loved getting a take from someone who has actually experienced the process. When asked about her favorite part of the session, Morganne said,

"I had dirty hair that I added a braid to, did my own make-up, put on my photographer's lace gown, and hopped in! This is one of the easiest shoots for the model, as you get to enjoy a warm bath and can only get into about three different positions! Meanwhile your photographer can arrange the flowers around you as desired, and shoot away! In these photos, the focus is the gorgeous baby belly, so not every photo needs to have your face, which I think some can appreciate. I also think the water is super forgiving, so any momma can feel beautiful in these photos. It's such a lovely and simple way to capture the beauty and miracle of pregnancy!"

These are some of the most feminine, unique maternity photos I've ever seen! I opted out of doing traditional maternity photos during my pregnancy with Ellie, but I could get on board with something like this! Please check out Morganne's fabulous feed on Instagram as well as her photographer. I can't wait for her twinnies to arrive. They will be beautiful just like their momma! 

All images are property of Morganne Fox and OE Photography, used with permission by ebdetails.

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