A letter to my only child

My precious Ellie,

I'm writing this to let you know how hard we're trying. Not just for us, but for you. We want you to have a baby brother or sister more than anything right now. I pray every day for God to bless us with another baby, but also that he'll remember you too. You are so gentle and kind. You will be an amazing big sister. You're so helpful and smart. Our hearts burst at the thought of seeing you interact with a new baby in our family. When you play with your baby dolls it is so sweet, but at the same time breaks our hearts. We know you wouldn't get along with your sibling every waking minute, but we know we want you to have someone else on this earth with you besides mommy and daddy. Someone that you will love and will love you no matter what.
We are trying my angel. Trying so so hard.
We also want you to know that if it doesn't work out, that's okay too.
Because we have you. Our perfect baby girl. 
You are the best gift I've ever received. Being your mommy is the greatest joy of my life, and we will be okay. You will be okay. We have enough love to make it through anything. Even though there will be days where you might be sad and we might be sad, we are beyond happy to live our lives with you as our only child. 

Love forever and always,

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