Toddler {Girl} Gift Guide

I am so excited for Christmas this year because Ellie will actually be able to enjoy in the festivities. Last year, she rolled over for the first time on Christmas Day.  The year before that I found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas. SO CRAZY what can change in a short amount of time. Enough reminiscing...I put together a first Christmas gift guide last year for those of you with newbies. This year I officially am a toddler mom so I had to create a new guide!

Ellie refused to eat her nutribullet smoothie out of the reusable pouches I got her a month ago. Go figure. She instead wanted to slurp it out of my glass mason jar with straw. Um, no. So more straw sippies need to be in our future. She has a bunny and I love this Kitty Sippy Cup! I think they have a reindeer too.

Being a total girlie girl Ellie has been known to stroll through the house with one of my sports bras or tank tops around her neck. Now, her new thing is to bring you an article of clothing and stick her little neck out as in "put it on me". When you ask if she wants to wear it, she gets all excited. I found this Sofia Night Gown at Kohl's on Black Friday. I'm going to have my mamaw hem it because the 2T size is just a little long.

We scored some more of our favorite moccs during Freshly Picked's Black Friday sale. I ended up ordering the frosted rose in her current size and a neon pink in a larger size she can wear this summer.

Can't go wrong with a Doc McStuffins Plate....

This chair took much deliberation, but I decided to go for it on Cyber Monday. I got it for $67.15 (15% off and free shipping). Seeing that Ellie's latest obsession is sitting on top of EVERYTHING, including but not limited to her Little People Ice Cream Shop, I thought now might be the time even though she may sit it in twice. I decided to NOT get it personalized in case I want to sell it later. ;)

Found this cute little Deer Dress at Target. Couldn't resist!

Along with Ellie's love of clothing comes her love of necklaces. I'm thinking she will enjoy toting this adorable Plush Toy Camera around on her neck (with supervision, of course!). I had originally wanted to get her a Bloom Theory one, but ended up liking this cheaper one just as much.

I recently scored about $390 worth of clothes for Ellie for about $145 from Gymboree when they had a 50% off everything sale. This Gray Sparkle Bow will be the perfect accessory!

Had to get the Stack 'n Spin Burger for our baby Burger! ;)

The "BIG" gift. Dun. Dun. Dun. I hope that Ellie will love her Vintage Kitchen as much as I do! Judging by her reaction to the play kitchen at her grandparents' house, she will. I can't wait to watch her play with it!

 Hopefully this guide will give you a few ideas for the little ladies in your life!

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