Honest Co. Goodness

I am so excited, and just had to share. Honest brand has been one of my faves for awhile now. My mom got me free trial when Ellie was born. I quickly fell in love with the wipes and super cute diaper prints. Little did I know I would later love the diapers because they were so much gentler on Ellie's skin. I HATE how expensive they are though. I wish I could do the monthly bundles and be done with it, but it's just way too much to justify. Especially since they are pooped in and thrown away. ;) I have faithfully used the Honest wipes in my diaper bag though. I buy a pack and it lasts awhile just being used when we're on the go. I just buy the normal pack (not the travel ones as pictured) and it squishes up pretty well in my bag. As with the diapers, I wish I could buy them all the time too! The past couple weeks Ellie has had more diaper rash than she's ever really had. I've purchased a pack here and there of the Honest diapers and anytime she is really red I put one of those on at night with a bunch of cream and by morning she's much better. Now that Target carries Honest products it's been easier to just pick up a pack here and there when I buy the wipes for my diaper bag. I do have an Honest account though, and have ordered several products over this past year including the multi-surface cleaner, stain remover, sunscreen, lip balm, and body wash/shampoo.

 This week I received a random email that said something to the effect of it being the season of giving so they were giving me $20 to spend. YEAH! So the picture above shows what I got...a pack of diapers (with cute snowflakes on them to boot!), 4 travel packs of wipes, and 2 tubes of kids' toothpaste. This was $1.85 over the $20 and shipping was $7.95...I ended up paying $9.80 total! THEN after I checked out a screen popped up and said that if I entered 3 friends' email addresses within 10 minutes, I would receive a free product of my choice (there were like 10 things to choose from). SO, I got a FREE full size Bathroom Cleaner! I was pumped. I would encourage everyone to try out a couple of their products (even if you don't do a monthly bundle; I never have!) and make sure to sign up for their emails! You never know when you might get an awesome deal like I did! To check them out click here.

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