Ellie's First Birthday

I can't believe my precious Ellie is one already. Time really does fly which is making my new role as SAHM even sweeter. :) 
Ellie's party took place Saturday August 30th at my parents' house. We incorporated her teepee which you might've seen featured in her one year photos if you follow along. With touches of pink and gold, I aimed for a sparkly-girly theme for my baby with a heart of gold.

 DIYer, crafter I am...engineer I am not. I made this tassel garland for the balloon (along with a bunch more tassels for additional balloons which were not used) and I was "pretty proud of it" as Brent said as I paraded it around the kitchen on more than one occasion to test it out. The tassel garland hanging on the hutch was one I had purchased but after learning how to make them myself, I couldn't stop making tassels. The problem was that the balloon wasn't strong enough to hold up my tassels. Womp womp. So I added and added and added balloons and finally gave up. Oh well, you get the point. Gold 'one' balloon, pink tassels carry on.

LOVE the toes sticking out of the 'ONE' banner. Ellie was so dainty with her cake, but seemed to like it!  Mom and I made the cake and cupcakes so they're by no means professional, but I was happy with the outcome.
I made these really cute little treat bags for the kids that attended the party, and then I forgot to pass them out. Awesome. They will be delivered ASAP, I promise. They were really pretty simple. Pink and gold candy and homemade Kool-Aid Playdoh. Fruit punch scented. YUM!

Ellie had a ball with the two little guys that she used to go to the babysitter's with.  We like to refer to them as her "big brothers". :)  She also didn't know what to think when I got her a 'splat' tomato. She loves picking real tomatoes out of the garden with daddy but this one was slightly gooier and just all around weird.

Ellie- You are such a blessing to me and Daddy. I think I'm supposed to say "I love you to the moon and back" or something like that, but that is entirely inaccurate.  That distance is measurable and the love that I have for Ellie is endless. It can't be described with numbers or words so I won't even try. I just hope that each day I find a way to show her instead.
Happy Birthday Baby Pig! 
Love, Mommy

Feather Crown // Bull Skull Floral Tank // Sequin Shorts // Moccasins // Teepee (similar tutorial here) // Tassel Garland // Kool-Aid Playdoh Recipe
Feedsack pillows, gold pillow, high chair banner, cake topper, flower arrangement, and balloon tassel all handmade by e.b.

 All photos copyright e.b. details 2014.

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