12 months

Blurry pic, but it was too funny not to share.

Age: 12 months
Height: 29 in
Weight:19 lbs 7.4 oz
Head: 46 cm
Milestones: Ellie started walking the week before her birthday, I swear she runs now! She gets a little out of control and wipes out but insists upon walking/running as fast as she can.  She also likes to hold something in each hand. The longer and easier to trip on the better. Oh brother. She is solid on three words. She says mummum, dada, and nilla (her pacifier). If you say fan or light she loves to point to them. She likes to grab her cup when you say "cup" too. She has started clapping and will hold her arms above her head when you ask "How big is Ellie?" and say "So big!" She did the funniest thing while we were watching the finale of Bachelor in Paradise (don't judge) when one of the couples got engaged everyone was clapping and cheering and next thing we know Ellie is standing in the middle of the living room clapping. This week she has started gobbling like a turkey. SO CUTE!
Sleep: Still waking like a newborn. We're working on it. ;)
Best Moment: Having her run to me while yelling "Mummmm Mummmm!".
 Worst Moment: 12 month shots.
Health: Doing good! I still worry about everything though! She more than likely has some seasonal allergies.
Eating: A little pickier than she used to be. Still not crazy about table food. She loves Plum Organic Pouches.
Teeth: I think our 3rd tooth is finally started to come through!

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