Spring Break 2014

My mom, Ellie, and I took a little overnight trip to the outlet mall for Spring Break. She was soooo good besides wanting out of her stroller constantly, but that's not new for Ellie. Below are some pictures from our little getaway!

I bought this bathing suit for Ellie before she was born when I found it on clearance. I bought it in 12 months thinking it would fit this summer, but it fits perfectly now. Unfortunately it wont fit by our Florida trip this summer so we broke it out at the hotel.
Since Ellie loves her baths, I figured she would love the pool. The only problem was the other kids in the pool kind of freaked her out. The echoing was just a little too much. So we got our toes wet and went back to the room where......

We made our own (quieter, slightly warmer) pool in the bath tub!

 Now that Ellie is a world traveler (ha!) I can't wait until we go to Florida. Let the countdown begin!

Track suit from Carter's last season | Ruffle bathing suit from Carter's sold out | Blouson Bathing Suit | Moccasins | Sleep Sack | Cloud Onesie from Target clearance

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