My Baby Shower: July 21, 2013

Since I was completely in denial that I was pregnant (in a too good to be true way), I never posted a picture of my shower on any social media platform. Since we now know that I was in fact pregnant, I thought it was time to share my baby shower. Of course I was a total control freak and planned my shower with my mom. I absolutely loved how it turned out.

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Balloon-Shop Sweet Lulu
Burlap Sign- Handmade
Hobnail Vases- Vintage
Fresh Peonies- Sourced from local Flower Shop; arranged by me
Headband Station Sign- Handmade
Frame- Hobby Lobby
Mirrored Tray- Vintage
Chevron Quilt- Hand Quilted by Ellie's Great Mamaw Sue
Rocking Chair-Antique Family Heirloom
Make a Headband Kit- LB Boutique
Headband holder- Handmade
"Ellie", Baby Carriage, and Dot Cookies- Sandy's of Borden
Pink Floral Maternity Dress- Three Seasons Maternity: Sold Out (similar here)
Pink Bubble Table Linen- Custom
Pink Bunny Cakestand- Martha Stewart x Macy's
French Fry Cones- Handmade
French Fry Cone Holder- Joann Fabrics
Condiment dishes- Kohl's
Potato Chip Cups-Home Goods


  1. I love your baby shower! It is so cute!I am planning my sister's shower and we are having a Headband Station too! I love the sign you made for the headband station and I was wondering if you would be willing to share the digital file you made, or if you could tell me where you got the circular flower arrangement clip art from? Thank you so much!

    1. Shoot me an email and I would be happy to discuss! :-)

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