5 Months

Age: 5 Months
Height: ? (6 month appointment scheduled for March 7!)
Weight: ?
Head: ?
Milestones: We have a rolly-poly baby now! Ellie can roll from back to belly and belly to back several times in a row now. We have hardwood in the living room but a pretty plush rug for her to play on. This past weekend I bought some foam tiles to extend her play space. Mine were from Target, where they are currently sold out online. You can find similar ones here.
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. Sometimes she will wake up once to eat and sometimes she STTN! Either way is fine. I can't complain really.
Best Moment: Watching her roll the entire length of her play space for the first time and getting a few snow days with my baby girl!
Worst Moment: A screaming fit (I think caused by teething pain....) I felt so helpless.
Health: Doing good! Our woodstove tends to give her some crusties every now and then so I've been using saline and my new best friend, The NoseFrida! It sounds disgusting but it is AMAZING!
Eating: Still EBF and will probably do so as long as I am still producing enough. My first goal was until I went back to work, my next goal was Christmas Break, and then I said "6 months". I've been really sad thinking about having to stop so I decided to give myself permission to continue for as long as my body will let me (and within 1 year). I don't know why I thought I had to stop!
Teeth: I don't know when the first little toothy is going to pop up but they are sure doing a number on my baby girl! Found out from Brent's mom that his gums would actually bruise when he teethed and he had really rough time. Oh joy....since teething follows hereditary patterns.

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