4 Months

Age: 4 Months
Height: 24.5 in
Weight: 13 lbs 13.4 oz.
Head: 42 cm
Milestones: Ellie decided to laugh out loud on Christmas Eve.  She only did it like two times, but I freaked out of course.  Then on Christmas Day, she rolled from her belly to her back...by the end of Christmas Day she had done it 5 times.  The day after Christmas, right before bath time, Brent and I had her laying on our bed talking and playing with her (which we often do before bath).  She loves being in her diaper only but we usually just allow that right before bath.  I used to hate to see people post pictures of their kids in diapers. Like gag me, hate it. But now I get it. TOTALLY get it. She is super squishy and cute in her diaper but I try to limit the time she spends that way so she doesnt get use to it. SO...right before bath time, we allow it.  She takes a bath every night (it's part of our routine...I'll post about our bedtime routine later.) Well on this special night Ellie decided to laugh out loud again...but this time she kept doing it. I was kissing her toes and laughing (ok, fake laughing) and she just kept giggling. SO SO CUTE! I couldn't even stand it. I started like laugh/crying because it was sweetest sound I'd ever heard. This past week she started blowing raspberries! Seriously? Too much cute.
Sleep: Ellie has been doing great! I will post all about our bedtime routine and sleep training experience in a separate post. She usually is in bed by 8 and sleeps til 5 or 6.
Best Moment: Watching her laugh and roll AND catching both on video...which can be a hard task!
Worst Moment: 4 month shots. Ugh.
Health: Doing good! Hoping our mild colic days are a thing of the past…
Eating: Still EBF (or exclusively giving Ellie breast milk if you want to get technical since she gets bm in a bottle at the sitter’s) She loves to nurse and takes a bottle very well too, unless I’m in the room. We call her our little rooty pig. She is just incredibly sweet when she is eating.
Teeth: I’m afraid she will be getting teeth soon. She is slobbering nonstop and making some new noise with her mouth and gums.  It’s like she’s rubbing them together. Wants to chew on her "nilla" (what we call her pacifier) too.

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